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[22 Dec 2001|08:46pm]
write in your damn journal rog.......or are ya too busy with you "fat" girlfriend...asshole.........
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new journal....... [04 Nov 2001|02:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

yo this is ryan.......since i am grounded and having tons of fun i decided to spruce up rogs LJ.......i made him a sweet new BG and icon and changed the colors a bit......what do you think? i think he should like it......dont you? lol......
lata rog,

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[08 Oct 2001|10:39pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

well that was one of the best weekends i had in awhile. my cuz came down friday nite. me and him and mike got pretty drunk then we got high as hell and passed out. went to work saturday and drove out to Holly to pick up my cuz at his house. met up with his friends and drove up to MSU. got there at like 10:30pm. sat in my cuz's friends dorm til about midnite and did shots. then we walked about 45 mins to this house party. it was the shit. $5 for unlimited beer! almost got some ass but that ended by a bitchy older sister. saw a big brawl. went to about 3 other parties. we all stumbled back to the dorm. did a few shots. this one kid that looks just like me was like "you remind me of my self when i was your age. you know how to drink". he's the big 18!! i have respect for my elders tho. lol. all in all this weekend was tits. then monday came....... I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad everyone had fun at homecoming. for everyone who is reading this.....jus because i didnt get involved in the last lj war doesnt mean you have to start a new one with me......i'm gonna forget the whole thing happened so i'll make it clear one more fucking time......DONT CALL ME, DONT HAVE ME CALL YOU BACK, DONT CHAT IT UP WITH ME IF YOU SEE ME AT A PARTY, DONT WRITE ME, DONT PLAN A REUNION IN 20 YEARS AND INVITE ME, DONT TRY TO SCARE ME, DONT TRY TO MAKE ME FEEL BAD AND CALL ME A PUSSY, DONT EAT WITH ME IF YOU SEE ME AT A RESTAURANT, DONT HAVE YOUR BIG SCARY BOYFRIENDS CALL ME, DONT COME OVER, DONT HONK IF YOU SEE ME DRIVIN THE FAMILY RIDE, DONT LOOK ME UP IN THE PHONE BOOK, DONT DONATE TO MY CHARITY, DONT BE IN THE BACKGROUND IF SOMEONE I DO WANNA TALK TO IS CALLING ME, DONT COMMENT ON THIS, DONT TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES HOW MUCH YOU HATE ME, DONT GET HIGH AND DO SOMETHING STUPID THAT IVOLVES ME, DONT SAY HI OR FUCK OFF IF YOU SEE ME ON THE STREET, DONT CALL JUST TO SAY HI, DONT ASK OTHER PEOPLE HOW I'M DOIN, DONT GIVE ME A BUZZ, DONT REMEMBER ME, DONT LEAVE ME A MESSAGE, DONT ADD ME AS A FRIEND, DONT BOTHER MAKING FUN OF ME, DONT KNOCK ON MY DOOR, DONT BUY ME A DRINK, DONT TELL ME ABOUT YOUR SEX LIFE, DONT THINK OF ME WHEN YOU LOOK AT A CAN OF BEER, DONT LEAVE A MESSAGE AFTER THE BEEP, DONT TRY TO CALL MY CELL AND BLOCK THE NUMBER, DONT COME TO MY AA MEETINGS, DONT IM ME, DONT SEND ME PACKAGES IN THE MAIL, DONT DRIVE BY MY HOUSE, DONT HAVE YOUR FRIENDS CALL ME, DONT THINK ABOUT ME, DONT WALK ON MY GRASS, DONT SEND ME A NOTE, DONT SAVE MY LIFE IF YOU SEE ME DYING, DONT SEND ME A CHRISTMAS CARD, DONT EVEN MENTION MY NAME. JUST FORGET I EXIST AND WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU.

Thankyou.......Please Drive Thru

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Hi my name is alcoholic and i'm a roger. [17 Sep 2001|10:01pm]
[ mood | Just CHERRY ]

Well tonight was a truly enlightening experience. Went to my very first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It was very emotional. lol. It basically went like this. Me and grand-pappy Maurice went to Kellwood and went into the "multi-purpose room" where the meeting was. Got a round of coffee and commenced to sitting with a bunch of very old guys. They were like "how the fuck ya doin there first timer?". then i got to stand up in front of everybody and say "hi, i'm roger" when they asked for first timers. felt like an asshole. then all the old guys talked about they're old drinkin days. then they got to me and i said "i don't have a problem...i was made to be here". one guy got all pissed. he was like "how much do you drink boy?". i told him and he was like "quit bullshittin yourself goddamnit cuz you definately got a fuckin problem". we had a group prayer and i left.

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yeah [02 Sep 2001|02:21am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Well.......i'm drunk again as usual. i'm not an alcoholic but i've come to realize in the past few days that the bottle is more loyal to me than my "friends" are. they get a girl and completely fuckin ignore their friends. thats ok tho. who needs em? i thought they were my best friends but i guess i wasn't theirs because obviously i'm the only one who believes in bros b4 hoes. well back to my bottle and fuck all of you. you can call me if your gf's say its allowed. thats the only time you talk to me anymore.

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and.. [16 Aug 2001|05:02pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

i'm totally durnk out my head
i'm a loozr
later peeps
i can still tyep
woo hoo
i can still say i love jen

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almost.... [15 Aug 2001|12:23pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Well......i'm almost drunk. lol. gonna drain the keg today. i'm goin for it. its my vision. lol. i'm gay. but i've been drinkin for about 3 hours now since i woke up and i don't care if it takes me all day it will be done. besides that.....3 days til i'm back in michigan. ah geez. do have things to look forward to tho. the friends, the car, and most of all jen. (happy b-day sweetie). that day will mark our entry into the circle of love. lol. good times. gotta party til we can't see when i get there people. well gonna go back to my loser life and keep drinkin.

miss ya'll,

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This is Not Bad AT ALL [13 Aug 2001|01:36pm]
[ mood | determined ]

well this whole day so far has been da shit! its weird (but awesome) but i'm lovin Jen more by the minute and can't wait to get back to Michigan and see her. Also found a band i've never heard of called SEV and they are pretty sweet. One of my new fav bands now. Dude i'm so gay. why am i talkin about that gay shit. shoot me now. lol. anyway......i decided its time to drink about 15 minutes ago and i'm putting myself through and intense "slamming" exercise. In about an hour or so after about 12 "practice" beers and puking my brains out about 14 times i will be a slammin pro like Brian Carter. My hero. lol. well gonna go now cuz this is seriously getting too gay.

*actually missin michigan (weird eh?)*

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my so called gf...... [12 Aug 2001|05:37pm]
does this make you feel better????
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Drunk Asshole [12 Aug 2001|04:13pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Here are the pics of me passed out on the floor from drinking ALOT last night. haha.

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blah! [12 Aug 2001|01:26pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

yeah.....got drunk and fell down last night. i'm sure you've seen the pics. haha. well my headache from hell that i woke up with is gone so i'm pretty happy but i still feel kinda drunk. i guess i drank alot which is weird cuz i don't remember drinkin all that much. haha. but i'm told i was downin the drinks pretty good. too bad i can't handle my liquor. but i'm gonna go back to bein hungover and pitiful.

*hungover in MD*

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FUCK ME HARDER!! [07 Aug 2001|11:56pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

I'm pissed right now!! my uncle got the keg for the party and now i can't fit it in the fridge!! earlier when i was really drunk i was like "dude, if i drink some of it it'll get smaller then i can fit it". but now that i'm not drunk anymore i have just realized i'm a big retarded fuckup. lol
well i don't know whether to fight the keg or the fridge but i need to fight somethin right now.
lata brothas n sistas


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FUCK ME!! [07 Aug 2001|03:47am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well.....i'm doin okay. life is usual. everyone back in Michigan seems to be doing top-notch. don't hafta work til thursday nite. sweet shit. can finally get pissdrunk again. i don't want the world to think i'm an alcoholic....i want the world to know i'm an alcoholic. lol. heard that in a movie or somthing. alcoholics are dirty bums. they are annoying and always seem to be wet. (gotta work in a hospital to know that....sick shit). well.....gettin a couple huge checks soon....should be enough $ to make that family ride of mine a lowrider....made the decision....found a lowering kit (which are a sonofabitch to find for my car) for about $800. now i'm really gonna be G. too bad i can't get air shox. i'd hafta put about $4000 into customizing my whole suspension/chassis to do it. well enough car talk cuz no one cares. i bet that the few people who read this even made it that far. lol. well gotta get back to my fun life. lol.
later brothas n sistas

miss ya Jen

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$6 Maryland Rum!?!?!? [03 Aug 2001|08:30am]
[ mood | predatory ]

Well....been sittin here since 3:30 or so when i got home from work (short nite...yeah!!). After all this time it finally dawned on me that there all whole shitload of liquor UPSTAIRS. So sweetness. Fisted a fifth of $6 rum (made about 15 minutes from here jus incase ya wanted to know) and started drinkin that about 2 mins ago. Can't drink much tho cuz i hafta work tonite and them damn nurses can smell alcohol a mile away which really sux for me but o well. I'll jus get a little buzz and wait for Jen to wake up cuz i miss her and thats the main reason i sit here for hours and hours. lol. well.....havin a hard time typin n drinkin n smokin at the same time so i'm headin out. haha. i'm a loser...lol.

*not getting drunk but a little buzzed in MD*

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funkin shit [02 Aug 2001|06:19am]
[ mood | bored ]

I have been incredibly bored all damn nite long. The highlight of the past 8 hours has been goin out to get a pack of smokes. Yay. I'm a loser. lol. But its okay cuz i'm cool and i write in this gay ass thing. Is anybody gonna look at it?? probly not. So i'm writing this for me to read. Maybe if i get bored enough i'll comment on it. lol. back to being bored. maybe i'll go have a smoke. that'll make the next 5 minutes go by fast. Cant even drink cuz i drank all tha damn beer in the house and ya can't seem to buy beer past midnite in goddamn Maryland. hahah....i still love bein here tho. I miss people in Michigan and my car an everything but i wish they all could be here cuz i really hate Michigan. enuff bitching.

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[01 Aug 2001|09:23am]
[ mood | thirsty ]


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hmm...... [01 Aug 2001|09:20am]
its been awhile.....bored and tired as hell. i like this girl but i don't know if she likes me. ryan and krystal KNOW i like her. but i dunno. its all so confusing.

for those who may understand this.........does that tell you anything???
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NFG!!!!!!!!!! [25 Apr 2001|09:45pm]
[ mood | touched ]

EVERYONE GIMME AN O HELL YEAH FOR NEW FOUND GLORY!!!!!!!! Just kidding to all the supporters of the band. cuz i know people are gonna talk behind my back about it, say how gay i am, i'm a slacker, and get all sweaty at me for saying that. Soo.......good job on the bass.......you bump now cory. Didn't even know until now. oh yeah.....my girl cheated on me hahahahahahhahahahahahhahah.......i think its cool though....i don't get jealous or pissed about girls.....they can do whatever they want as far as i'm concerned.....its not like they're my property or somethin......well i'd better look out for big blake and gay brendon.....gay names......ha.
lata my nizzlin shizzlin nizzle shizzles. or
lata my niggerin shittin nigger shits.
makes alot more sense in ebonics.
ok bye for now
journals are gay
stargate chief mode log 6548niner77 logging out.
i'm gonna go be a slacker now and have a smoke. cough cough

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journals are gay [22 Apr 2001|11:02pm]
yes journals are gay. well spring break was aight i guess. coulda been in fla. but no. ryan was and he is a penis. and he's friend with a buffsterbrutasseggsonthecar girl again. don't fall for it. well you got brains so you shouldn't. umm.....got drunk alot. i like hockey, nintendo, nintendo, and he just called me a piece of underwear. its gay shit like that where nobody know what your talkin about that makes these gay. the goal of my journal is for it to be nice. gsl. no fighting in my journal. gsl. just like the journal of the buffsterbruasseggsonthecar girl.
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what up [11 Apr 2001|03:54pm]
I joined the gay journal club. but i'm still a G. write all the gay shit in here you want and make fun of me.......whatever. talk about the superman though and your all done. anyway lets get into the gay journal mode. "today i went to school. i went to detention. i came home. i beat off. my friends came over." the end for now
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